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FEFF Projects

Film Festivals, Discussions
& Debates 

Our film festivals will be a symposium in which ecologically-minded films will be shown that present causes, effects, and solutions. The films will be followed by panel discussions with ecologists, environmental advocates, and filmmakers along with a question and answer opportunity with the audience.

In conjunction with the film showings and discussions, local and regional environmental organizations will have representatives providing significant information on particular environmental needs and volunteer opportunities for the attendees.

Save Our Beautiful Florida
Films with HOA's 

In concert with the semi-annual festivals will be monthly film showings and discussions at local home owner's associations.


These environmental films and discussions would advance the education of these communities with knowledge on environmental issues and viable enhancements regarding the Florida weather, its open land, wildlife, and waters — the very reasons we all live here.

turtle_by_Elizabeth_Pickett Gray.jpg
FEFF Field Trips 

Take a journey into Florida's natural surroundings. We want you to become empowered about environmental issues in Florida. Our field trips (guided by FEFF volunteers and members) will show how Florida's biodiversity works, and we hope they inspire and engage in a lifestyle change that benefits the environment so that Florida continues to be a viable place to live for generations.


Outings are generally free; you are to pay fees that may be involved with rentals (kayaks/bikes) or park entrance fees.

Join our Field Trips on Florida Adventure's and Explorer's Meetup Group. Just sign up with our button FIELD TRIPS.

Volunteer Testing Waters 

Florida LAKEWATCH is a citizen volunteer lake-monitoring program that facilitates "hands-on" participation in the management of Florida lakes, rivers, and coastal sites through monthly monitoring activities.


FEFF members will be trained and coordinated through the University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences/SFRC Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences.

Volunteers will take samples to collection sites each month. Being involved with the Florida Lakewatch will give volunteers a better understanding of their broader environment. 

Land & Watershed Cleanups 

FEFF Land & Watershed Cleanup is a volunteer clean-up program facilitating "hands-on" participation in managing Florida land and lakes, rivers, and coastal sites. Participants will be trained and coordinated through FEFF.

We will work with other local environmental organizations. All trash will be taken to collection sites every month located in Sarasota, Manatee, Charlotte, and DeSoto counties. Join The Field Trips!

Book Circle Conversations.


We highlight a book, then another, and another. Our event will be hosted and virtual.


It's about reading and sharing your finds with a circle of people (make friends and invite friends) with a craving for conversations (like-minded or not) to learn, to understand, and to nourish Florida's uniqueness through books.

It's about having a dialogue about the climate crisis we are all facing all over the world. We all need to feel heard, to express ourselves, to learn, and to share. We all need to feel empowered by each other. It takes a village, here, at FEFF, it starts with a circle. Come JOIN US on our events page in our Sarasota Meetup Group. If you have another area in Florida and want to start a BOOK CIRCLE CLUB in your area email us.

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