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Leave no trace

Take only photos…

The philosophy of Leave No Trace can be a foreign concept at first introduction. However, with some background understanding and practice, this way of exploring, becomes a simple standard. This philosophy is founded on the “big picture” concept that if all persons who explored the outdoors were to leave behind garbage or traces of their adventures, our outdoor landscape would appear far from the wilderness we look forward to. If all people during a hike napped a rock or picked a flower, there would be no rocks and flowers for the admiration. This here lays the principle of “take nothing but photos, leave nothing but footprints”. Leave no trace as a philosophy spans beyond countries, cultures, and landscapes, and has evolved into a non-profit organization that prioritizes educating individuals. This organization has accomplished creating basic principles that are easy to follow to ensure one is respecting the land, animals, and even other visitors. Practicing these principles pays off when you plan to visit a place season after season and year after year. The 7 principles of Leave No Trace: Plan Ahead and Prepare Travel and camp on durable surfaces Dispose of Waste Properly Leave What you Find Minimize campfire Impacts Respect Wildlife Be considerate of other visitors If we follow these simple standards of practice while exploring our outdoors, we are committing to the protection of these wild landscapes for future generations. Check out the following link for further explanation of the 7 principles of the ‘Leave No Trace’ philosophy.

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