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The largest Wildlife bridge in the world.

In California they’re building the largest wildlife bridge over the 101 freeway in Agoura Hills and its near Liberty Canyon road! Written by Elizabeth Pickett Gray

And to find out this wildlife bridge going up is right where I lived in the 1990’s. (see the red dot on the map, on one of the Agoura Hills photos) right out of Los Angeles California, in Old Agoura Hills near the 101 freeway.

Growing up in the country on a small ranch in Sarasota Florida, it was a joke to me to move on 1 acre of land so near Los Angeles and call it a ranch. But that’s what everyone called their 1 acre parcels there, (most of them had horses) and the 1 acre parcels were basically as close as you could get to having a ranch in Los Angeles. We had two cows, a pig, ten chickens, three horses and two goats so you can imagine the cleanup we had to do every day, but we loved it! Chesebro Park and Palo Comado Canyon were right there next to us. We also lived near Bob Hope‘s old property which later became part of the park. We had some incredible quarter horses, so we were pleasantly asked by the manager of Bob Hope’s property, Terry (and his son Tim), to help bring the herd of cows up and down from the hills. Great memories, and I remember that was the first time I saw a cowboy with a cell phone in the saddle, it was funny then, because that was 1993.

I’m so excited to find out that they’re putting the wildlife crossing over the 101 freeway in Agoura Hills near liberty Canyon road! Great job California, The Wallis Annenberg Wildlife Crossing, and P22mountainlion!!!

We could do this in Florida. Let’s reconnect and build more urban wildlife crossings that would save more of our precious wildlife too. Reconnect our natural habitats, and end the isolation.

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